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Several years ago Printpop was asked to provide prints for an exhibit at the Morrison Hotel Gallery off of Sunset. When the artist sent the images, they were photograph portraits of people like Mick Jagger, Sinéad O’Connor, Björk, Demi Moore, and a few others.

The photographer was none other than the dreamer, fearless innovator, visionary of high order, delicately tractable, slamming, thumping, battering ram, mystical but rational and sensitive co-founder of the Eurythmics…Dave Stewart!

Recently a friend of mine who runs Classic Rock Revisited interviewed Captain Dave and sent me this excerpt that I thought you’d all enjoy!

“Q: You are also a very successful entrepreneur. Did the music success help your business confidence? 

Dave: I do all of these lectures and talks for various companies on innovation…how to think differently. I think it all stems from music; you see, in music you can jam and make all sorts of complex compositions. Writing something that you feel, or mean, and then having it become a huge successful song, then sharing that experience with everybody else because they’re listening to the radio, or whatever, it’s a very special sort of thing. If you analyze it, it is because you’re expressing something that everybody feels… You just happen to put it into a moment. Songs can do that for them, so can movies or paintings.
I started to understand the whole world is like that. It has all to do with melody. As Tom Petty says, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” It’s like a lot of people, it doesn’t matter what it is…whether they’re selling wooden tables or whatever it is, they have websites, or they have leaflets and they think they’re speaking to people but they’re not because they haven’t really understood how to put everything they are trying to say into a way people would love to hear or see.”

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